Female Fitness Model Wanted

Female Fitness Models

I like to include photographing females involved with fitness. Fitness adds an excellent category to my photography portfolio and the models. Please take a look at what I’m looking to capture out my fitness project.

Fitness modeling

Women involved with fitness make perfect models because they are always naturally posing while they work out. Have you ever thought about being photographed or filmed while working out or training? My fitness projects consist of this. I think it’s a creative way to photograph a model, especially during her working out regiment, because there are so many natural angles to capture.  

Below are some ideas of what I’m looking to capture:

  • gymnastics
  • jogging
  • sports
  • fitness modeling
  • competition  models
  • National Physique competitors
  • bikini

No experience is needed

If you’re wondering is about modeling skills, don’t worry about it.  All you have to do is just the routine you do while you are working out or involved with when you are modeling. It’s easy. I even keep ideas on paper to show new models.

Book a fitness shoot

Set up your fitness modeling session, and let’s start to freeze your physique forever in time. Contact me with any ideas you might have. I’m always looking to add other concepts into my shoots.   


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