Short hair model

Be A Short Hair Model

Women with short hair are hard to find. I love photographing females with short hairdos when I can. I like changing the themes of my photo shoots, and a woman made up with short hair takes gorgeous portraits and full-body shots. Take a look at my project and let me know if maybe you can assist me.

Short hair is trending

Some famous female models have risen to fame from trending hairstyles having short hair. Take a look at this and see why they are popular. There is still a liking for short hair models in today’s times.  take a look what they have to say. 

Have short hair?

Do you have a short hairdo? Have you thought about being a model? Maybe you can give it a try and see how it goes. I’m looking for fit females in Pittsburgh who are open to artistic styles and have a naturally photogenic character. Having short hair is a must. Having some or no experience is okay.

Start modeling

My project ranges from fashion and artistic nudes to lingerie. I hope to find talented female models who can participate and help me capture fabulous images. If you can let me know, contact me, and I will reply.