Rachel Laufer fitness pose

Athletic Statured Women

I did a shoot from 2020 with a new model Rachel Laufer who is actually into fitness competition. Her look is a perfect example of what I would call an athletic stature. This project is an aesthetically pleasing and exciting way to freeze the firm beauty. Here’s what I’m interested in doing with a tone model.

Clothing ideas

I photographed some tasteful sporty looks with Rachel, pleasingly revealing her tone physique. A fashionable dress made her story begin. She then lessened the tale to some classy swimwear and shorts. We shot lingerie to complete her athletic frame. What do you think?

The set up

I used a key light centered and two strip boxes with grids on Rachel’s left and right sides to make the set. A white cloth backdrop behind which added in the soft white look.

My camera of choice is the Canon 7D Mark II. The lights are the Interfit Honey Badger 320 watt kits. And to set my lighting used the Sekonic L 478D-U meter.

Here is a list of categories that I think will assist in the model for this shoot:

  • gym,
  • trainers
  • jogging
  • workout
  • dancers
  • ballerina
  • contortionists


What types of modeling can you do?  Think about what you are good at, which should work out just fine.

Book your shoot

If you’re interested in my modeling project, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please send me your ideas or any questions. Even feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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