Ayeonna posing on stool

Models And Color Gels

Color gels added to a background will make a model look amazing. It will add an excellent portfolio design and boost the model’s morale. See how I  captured the different deep color saturation on the background in this photo shoot.

The model for the shoot was  Ayeonna Gabrielle. For the setting, I used a white backdrop with three lights. One light was a main light with a snoot and two side lights. The side lights had different color gels, blue and red, which gave a nice mix of color to my ordinary white cloth backdrop. Below is a clothed sample of the shoot:

Ayeonna posing

Here is a implied sample:

Ayeonna implied

I achieved this lighting color effect by using a light meter. Guessing and using the camera’s light meter or TTL will only turn out inconsistent results. Out of all the images I captured, none were edited. I only resized them, and that is it. The images were in raw format, so I could adjust the exposure slightly, which was not a major overhaul. As you can see, even by adding color gels, the blue color of the model’s clothing is still visible, and in the implied pose, her skin still shows a natural tone. All of this technique is because the light meter set my lights to the proper exposures so the colors could appear as I wanted. Here is how to set the light settings for the best color gel saturation. Click here.

Want to be a model?

If you like what you see and want the same design added to your portfolio or social media, please reply below. I’m always looking for new models to work with. I want to work on this photo project on a trade for a basic project (TFP). 

Contact me to apply.