Calvin Klein Underwear

A Perfect Model

Underwear or undies, a slang rarely used anymore, is known mainly as lingerie or thongs today. It’s a popular area of fashion modeling, depending on the style and portrayal. Becoming a successful underwear model takes more than just jumping in front of the camera in your favorite thong and bra set. Browse through to find out more on what I think can help you be an excellent underwear model.

Underwear model ?

A female underwear model is a woman who poses in under attire. For this purpose, we will stick with a lingerie model used in today’s terms. Typically, the model will pose for lingerie product lines like Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret, both popular brands. A photographer will photograph the model for the company’s catalogs. As far as creation goes, it’s up to the designer who makes the sets go with the styles.

What does it take?

Becoming an underwear model requires that you should at least be the average model’s height or taller, slightly 5′-7″ or more. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • nice hair
  • excellent skin
  • good shape
  • diet
  • workout

These are the basics to follow if you want to be a model. The last most important tip is to know how to pose. If you don’t know, then the lingerie is useless. So always prepare for posing before you go to the shoot.

What’s the difference?

The difference between lingerie and fashion modeling is wearing less clothing. That is all the difference there is. Now deciding how to design a decent look is a different story. I always recommend appearing as an aesthetically pleasing model. Being decent with posing and clothing is much more beautiful to the eye. Use common sense and never get yourself forced into something you don’t feel is comfortable. If it’s not a feeling-good concept, walk away from it.

Do you want to model?

By being an independent model representing yourself, you can pay for work without any commission fees. Searching online or belonging to modeling networks will land you paying jobs. Like anything online, make sure to research and verify the details first. There shouldn’t be any upfront fees associated with you getting paid work.

The details for you

After finding out what it takes, I assume you are hopefully interested in being a model. How about being my next underwear model for my project. You need to bring fashionable clothing and what I like to see on models is a good set of Calvin Klein thongs and bra sets. Whatever you may have will be just fine.  All you have to do is fill out my submission.

Contact me to model.