Swimwear Photo Shoot

It’s summertime again, and I need attractive female models for my swimwear shoot. Are you looking for pictures to add to your portfolio or social media page? If you are interested in quality bikini images, look at what I’m offering.  

The details

You want to make sure you have a bikini in which you feel comfortable posing, especially if you’re new to modeling. Having comfortable clothing is always important because it makes everything uneasy. I would also suggest bringing some summer clothing that can be worn on top of the bikini and used as a different look. You can model a bikini on-location anywhere, but it’s always better near water or a marina. Below are a couple of examples from two models I photographed, Adriana and Jenna. Take a look at where they posed:    



If you see the shot of Jenna, she posed in front of a lovely pond located in one of Pittsburgh’s city parks. Now Adriana was a more involved shoot. I  photographed her at one of the beaches at Lake Erie.   


Creating a setting

Referring to my samples above, the setting for a bikini shoot is limitless. You don’t always have to have a beach. It can happen anywhere. With the right mood and setting, ideas are endless. To go further on concepts, take a look at Molly below:

Molly Dean bikini pose

I photographed Molly wearing a bikini in the shower stall for this spectacular shot. His fantastic glass shower door gave my model and me a fabulous way to shoot some wet bikini pictures. I sometimes like shooting through a glass window because it creates a smooth look.

Are you interested?

I’m offering reasonable compensation for experienced models or women with professional bikini looks. For new models or anyone looking for images to use, I can also shoot TFP trade for images.

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