Veronica LaVery

The Average Model Height 5′-7″

Are you made to model and have that eye-striking look? Do you also have the average model height? How about being my next top model?  I’m a Pittsburgh photographer who owns a glamour modeling publication. I photograph female models when I can and work with them on concepts and ideas they might have.

I then post a gallery of the session on my website for my subscribers to view—the photo shoots are various glamour styles. Nudity is not required. I mainly work with established models or beginner models looking to get some experience. At times I employ women who are just looking for an extra quick buck. A little bit more about my modeling opportunity, it’s a fun, exciting experience. I shoot all over and, at times, will rent a location to produce creative results. I also have an in-residence studio set up with fully-equipped backdrops and portable flash lighting.

Average model height for women

For my specifications, a suitable model would be between the height of 5′-4″ to 5′-7″ 5′-9″. For my modeling projects, I preferably want women anywhere in that height range if you’re not that tall, be at least the minimum or taller. Last if you don’t meet any of this, it doesn’t mean you can’t become a model. There are a lot of other opportunities, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Here is a picture of a gorgeous model I worked with:

Start modeling now

If you want to get photographs and learn to model for your portfolio, I work with models on a TFP trade for prints basis. Here is my other post on that to get more information about my sessions.

Even if you’re not serious about it, give it a try and see what happens? Who knows, you may end up being an upcoming top model. You can start the ball rolling by filling out the application below and start to be my next model.

Please respond with your phone number, and I will get back right away, thanks.

Contact me to model.