Black And White Photography

Black And White Photography

Black and white photography or monochrome technically speaking, will add creation with diversity into a photograph especially for a model building her portfolio. It will also change a personal boudoir photo set into a different atmosphere for the subject. In the case of  a model, it will open a separate door for success in fashion modeling. Black and white photography is artistic and brings back the original form of a picture. Having antique-looking images of yourself will express your flexible side and creativity.

Black and white photography ideas

If you want an expressive style added into your images, black and white is the way to go and still very common because of its elegant artistic mood.  The fun part about black and white is any attire you wear will work fine. So with that said, whether you’re a model or someone looking to have a boudoir set created doesn’t stop the creation from shooting a black and white session.

The most common categories for black and white images in a models portfolio would be any of the following styles:

  • fashion
  • lingerie
  • boudoir
  • glamour
  • nude art

For example, a nude art figure model benefits highly from black and white photographs because it makes the nudity in the pose more aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, the areas of lingerie and boudoir modeling become attractive because of the old fashion look from way back. The lace, garters, or whatever attire a lingerie model wears when photographed black and white become more in-depth.

Overall a digital black and white image in today’s world is different and creates a mood from the past for a model or general subject. So if you’re looking for some creative ideas to include in your modeling portfolio, black and white styling is the way to go.

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