Erin implied

Implied Model Photography

Implied model photography is an artistic form of modeling, and it can vary depending on what the individual model likes. The concepts will also differ depending on creativity. Here is a little more about the implied modeling style.

Is the model nude?

Implied modeling is a style that only suggests nudity. It does not reveal the model fully naked or show the genitalia or anything terrible. Implied instead indicates the artistic side of being nude but concealing the main body parts. Usually, the backside of the models is visible to the viewer. Another way to produce implied nudity, for example, would be photographing a model wearing a low-cut shirt or a strapless bra. Seeing only the neck to the bust cleavage can bring the impression to the viewer that the model is topless or nude in a close-up portrait.

Implied but nude

There are a few ways to make an implied image. Some models use their hands to cover themselves and mainly pose on the back side and turn sideways. This way is limited to making an excellent implied nude image. The model should be nude but photographed in a low-key setup with less lighting on the body. The low-lit model will move freely, feel more relaxed and not worry about being seen fully nude. This method is the style I like to use because it’s more creative and still less revealing.

One more way

Photographing the model in a silhouette style is an excellent fun way to shoot implied. A silhouette is also a low-lit style that creates marvelous implied nudes without showing much of the model. All of these techniques usually are photographed indoors or on location in private areas. The setup depends on where the photographer and the model want to shoot.

Are you interested?

If you want to be in a implied nude modeling photo shoot and don’t know where to start in Pittsburgh. I’m always looking for new models contact me.