Street Photography Parts Art

What do you think of body parts street photography? Body parts is a type of modeling. How about candid body parts modeling? I captured some pictures last week on different days while in my daily routines throughout the Pittsburgh Oakland area. The pictures are different and vary in art from one another, as one set happens to capture legs and the others the full form with the legs.  Look at these one-of-a-kind parts pictures and see how I photographed them with unplanned results.

Leg art form

Street photography can also include parts of the human form, typically known as body parts modeling.  Although these images are not posing models, I could still quickly capture sudden pictures of the female body form. I wouldn’t call my pictures body parts but rather the form because it’s similar to sculpting.

Here are the pictures below:

The set of pictures were sudden and not planned poses of individual body parts I captured most of them by drive by not walking. After reviewing in my camera I realized what they were and I saved them in the event I got more and as you can see I did. I’m sure I will get more pictures of sudden captures of various forms at different times down the road.

If you like any of these pictures and want to model or have your pictures done feel free to contact me.