Snow Bikini Photo shoot

Snow Bikini Photo Shoot

Snow makes a creative setting for taking winter photographs, especially with a gorgeous model standing in it. I want to capture a model in a  bikini out on location in the snow. The white snow covering and background will look fantastic.  

Snow bikini photo shoot details

I will need a few well-statured female model talent for this project in Pittsburgh, PA. Would you be able to participate in this photo shoot with just a bikini, your boots, and, of course, a coat? If you’re an outgoing, energetic woman interested, let me know. The weather will not last long, so I’m anticipating getting this done soon. 


Here is a sample:

Bikini modeling attire

The model will need the following:

  • bikini
  • boots
  • winter coat
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • sweater

Models over 18 only apply.