Snow Bikini Photo shoot

Snow Bikini Photo Shoot

Snow makes a creative setting for taking winter photographs, especially with a gorgeous model standing in it. I want to capture a model in a bikini out on location in the snow. The white snow covering the background will look fantastic. Here is what this project is all about.

What is involved

I will need a few well-statured female models for this project in Pittsburgh, PA. Can you pose with a bikini, your boots, and a coat? If you’re an outgoing, energetic woman interested, let me know. Snow doesn’t last forever, and the cold temperatures won’t, either. If we miss it, there is always another year to look forward to the snow and cold weather.

Here is a sample:

What you will need

It is what it says you will need a bikini and whatever else you think can help you endure the snow and chilly temperatures:

  • bikini
  • boots
  • winter coat
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • sweater

How long?

Don’t worry the entire project will at least be a hour long with heat breaksĀ  in your car. If you can model longer then we will. But I don’t anticipate more than two hours total. After all it wont be a beach shoot on a hot sunny day.

No experience needed

Models over 18 only apply.