Crossing Paths On The Bridge

I went out Monday to walk. It was a nice sunny day, and I wanted to take random images of what I could see as I walked in public. It was mid-afternoon, and I got lucky and snapped some unsuspected quality moments that seemed interesting. Take a look at what I captured while I walked and observed peacefully.

On the bridge

As you can see, the photos I took are from a distance of two women, one jogging and another walking on the Charles Anderson Bridge in Oakland, Pittsburgh. The jogger was heading east, and the walker west I was in the center of the bridge, not in traffic but walking because the bridge is closed temporarily for rehabilitation. Regarding traffic, no vehicles are allowed, but pedestrians and cyclists can frequent the bridge. You might say, is the bridge safe? As I stood in the center of the bridge and continued to walk, I turned suddenly to my left, and the fit jogger was passing by me. I instantly said this is what I need and started snapping away. Then I noticed the lady walking, and the camera continued clicking, and I captured every movement until the two had separated by one another.

Here is what turned out of this scene:


How long did it take?

If you ask how long it took for me to photo this candid series of images I would say not even forty five seconds. The last picture in my opinion makes the set complete and brings it all together. If you pay attention the jogger is fading and the walker has vanished out of the scene. If you look in the distance are two new walkers as the new jogger passes by them and a walker coming towards me.

What do make out in this?

Let me know what your opinion is of this scene by leaving a comment below.