Are You Looking For A Photographer

Are You Looking For A Photographer

Are you an adult female in Pittsburgh who is looking for a photographer? Do you want to start modeling build a portfolio, and gain experience? Are you looking for a photographer with good skills

I am a local part-time photographer who is currently looking to work with adult women who are interested in modeling. I preferably need models who are interested in just about any or all types of fashions and glamour modeling. I’m always producing content for my modeling site. I need new faces all the time to model in various trends.

Are You Looking For A Photographer?

I am currently booking new models who want to model trade for images (TFP). Finding a photographer who offers a free session can be difficult if you don’t know where to look! Keep in mind that not every photographer will do this service for new models free. You will find a suitable session here for your modeling career stardom that is beneficial and accommodating to your needs.

What modeling styles can you do?

First, to start being a model, you want to have a good idea of what category you like. There are a few categories relating to modeling — for example here is a ,list of the common categories:

  • fashion (editorial) model
  • swimsuit model
  • boudoir model
  • commercial model
  • fitness model
  • glamour model
  • hair model
  • lingerie model
  • nude, art and glamour model
  • parts model
  • promotional model

It’s common for new models to start out by being a promotional model for events. After working the event, they meet photographers and start branching out into different genres of modeling. It all depends on individual model circumstances.

You want to have at least a good idea of what you desire and feel comfortable doing. After you figure out what direction you like, you then can proceed with it. Some models become versatile with experience and end up modeling in every style.

Paid modeling

Eventually, the TFP sessions will lead to paid shoots. Compensated modeling sessions depend on how well the individual model’s capabilities develop. In other words, how quickly she learns how to pose. Pay also has a variable on the styles of modeling the model likes too.

After you gain some experience and skills associated with being a model, you will be able to start getting compensated for your time. Depending on what style of modeling you decide, the pay varies for particular shoots, so keep that in mind.

This is a trade for time photo shoot the model will get a copy of images to use for her portfolio and use. I will use whatever pictures I like for my display and promotional purposes.

Contact me to model.